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If you have questions about voter registration, voting or elections in general, or want to report suspected election law violations, call the Secretary of State’s toll free voter hotline at 888-884-VOTE (8683), email soselections@mt.gov, or contact an Elections and Government Services staff member listed below. 

If you have questions about where you vote, if you are registered, or about your absentee ballot, please visit My Voter Page.


Shannon Stevens
Legislative and Records Specialist
(406) 444-4732


Elections Specialist

(406) 444-7911


Alan Miller
Elections Specialist
(406) 444-5346

           Casey Sjolund             

MT Votes Help Desk
              (406) 444-4296                  csjolund2@mt.gov  soshelpdesk@mt.gov



Erica Hubber
Elections/Petition Specialist



Lisa Kimmet, Deputy
Elections and Government Services



About the Elections and Government Services DivisionThe Secretary of State's elections and government services division is responsible for interpreting state election laws under Title 13 and ensuring that they are implemented by county election officials uniformly throughout the state. It also:

  • Certifies candidate names for the ballot.
  • Certifies initiatives and referendums for the ballot.
  • Certifies the language and form of the ballot.
  • Publishes the official state voter information pamphlet.
  • Conducts the official canvass of election results.
  • Gives assistance to and trains local election officials.
  • Prescribes and publishes elections forms and manuals.
  • Administers requirements of the Help America Vote Act.