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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 24th, 2015
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2016 Proposed Ballot Submission Update

HELENA, MT – The Montana Secretary of State’s office has received 20 proposed ballot issue submissions thus far for the 2016 election. A listing of all of the submissions can be found on the Secretary of State’s website.  

“We have received numerous submissions, and five of them have been approved for signature gathering.  County election administrators are already starting to receive signed petitions from signature gatherers, and we expect a lively ballot issue season.” Secretary McCulloch said.

A citizen proposed ballot issue can appear on the 2016 general election ballot once the proposed text has fulfilled three requirements:

  • First, the text must be reviewed by Montana’s Legislative Services Division.
  • Second, the Montana Attorney General must conduct a legal review.
  • Finally, after the review process is complete, and the sponsor has been notified by the Secretary of State of the approval or rejection of the text of the ballot issue for signature gathering, the sponsor must collect sufficient verified signatures from qualified voters in Montana.

There are two different types of ballot submissions. A statutory initiative or referendum for the ballot must obtain verified signatures from 5 percent of qualified Montana voters in each of 34 legislative house districts, totaling 24,175 signatures. A constitutional amendment by initiative must receive verified signatures of 10 percent of the total number of qualified Montana voters in each of 40 legislative house districts, totaling 48,349 signatures.

Ballot issues may still be submitted by citizens. Those looking to submit a ballot issue can visit the Secretary of State’s website or call the office for more information about the process.

Ballot Proposals Approved for Signature Gathering
Ballot Issue #6 I-176
Subject: Require that drugs that are illegal under federal law are illegal under Montana law.
Type: Statutory initiative

Ballot Issue #9 I-175
Subject: Allow any school employee, with a valid permit, to possess and carry a concealed handgun in a school.
Type: Statutory initiative

Ballot Issue #10 CI-115
Subject: Permit adults to purchase, consume, or possess marijuana.
Type: Constitutional initiative

Ballot Issue #12 CI-116
Subject: Ensure that crime victims’ rights and interests are respected and protected by law.
Type: Constitutional initiative

Ballot Issue #13 I-177
Subject: Restrict the use of traps and snares for animals on any public lands within Montana.
Type: Statutory initiative