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April 09, 2015
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Secretary McCulloch Launches Online Notary Search

HELENA, MT – On Thursday, April 9th, 2015 Secretary McCulloch will once again take steps towards making Notary services more accessible and transparent to residents looking for notary services in the state.

The Montana Notary Search is a web based search that allows users to perform two different types of searches. The first will allow the public to find a list of available notaries by city or by a specific name. The city-search was designed to let people who need notarial services in a specific community find available notaries.  This search lists those notaries whose services are available to the public during regular working hours or by appointment.

The second search available is a notary name search, which lists all current notaries in the state of Montana.  This search capability is intended for verification of the current status of notaries or for individuals who need to contact a specific notary for information of a notarization previously performed.

“The Online Notary Search is a great way for our office to provide the public better access to notaries and notary services in this state,” Secretary McCulloch said. “Up until now there hasn’t been a list of notaries available to the public. This service will allow our residents to check with notaries who provided past services as well as find someone in their area who can perform notarizations.”

This step comes a year after Secretary McCulloch announced that Montana notaries would be able to use electronic notary journals instead of the traditional paper journals.

“Notary Publics play a huge role in our community, anything my office can do to help connect them to the public is a step in the right direction.”  Secretary McCulloch said. “Being able to offer this online service and the electronic journals is just another way we can become more user friendly to our constituents.”

Secretary McCulloch is also fully supportive of Senate Bill 306 a bill which is designed to modernize and clarify Montana laws governing notaries public and to provide a stable infrastructure for the performance of notarial acts. 

The Montana Notary Search can be found at http://www.notarysearch.mt.gov.