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…The new online notary search capability that allows people to find a list of notaries by city or specific notaries by name.

Find a Notary” is the city-search capability designed to let people who need notarial services in a specific community to find available notaries in that city. The city-search program is voluntary and notaries may opt-out of this database.  Only currently commissioned notaries who are able to perform notarial work at their place of business or by appointment are included in this list.

Verify a Notary” contains the names of over 50,000 current and former notaries in the state of Montana. This search capability is intended for verification of the current status of notaries or for individuals who need to contact a specific notary for information or correction of a notarization previously performed.  If you don’t find the notary you are looking for, please contact the notary staff at sosnotary@mt.gov or by phone at (406) 444-5379 or (406) 444-1877.

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