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So You Want To Be a Montana Notary ~ Click here to access Module 1 This eLearning program has been designed and created by the Notary & Certifications Section of the Montana Secretary of State’s Office for Montana notary applicants. Taking this course fulfills the training requirement for an appointment as a notary public for the state of Montana.

The course is broken into five modules, each of which should take about 20 – 30 minutes to complete. You can take the course one section at a time, or continue through all sections at one sitting. If you don't have your computer set to accept "cookies" you will have to start each each module over every time you use it.

This course is designed primarily to meet the training requirement for new applicants, but it is also available as an excellent refresher course for currently commissioned notaries. There is no charge for this course. To access the first module click here.

If you have problems opening any of the modules from the link above and/or from the last slide of each module, here are the separate URL addresses for each section. Copy and paste the address for the desired module into your internet browser.

Module 1: The Basics Module 2: How To's Module 3: Keeping a Journal
Module 4: Odds and Ends Module 5: Practicum

We created this course using several new programs that are powerful, but complicated. We know there are a couple of technical issues within the program going back over something you want to see again and sometimes in going on to the next module. We’re working to resolve them, but – because they seem to be intermittent – we haven’t yet discovered the cause of the problems.

If you have any technical problems with how this training module works on your computer, please call – (406) 444-5379, or email lhamm@mt.gov us right away. With your help, we’ll exorcise the computer gremlins, and provide you with an easy and enjoyable way to become a notary public in Montana.

[Some users may have trouble going from module to module. If you have this problem please return to this page and go to each module individually.]

Thanks for your participation and your patience.